>>Free information
Information sheets and pamphlets are freely available for every exhibition and can be found at the entrance desk as well as in the museum galleries.

>> Guided visits
Ask at the entrance desk and one of our guides will accompany your visit. Book ahead for group visits.

>> Educational Activities
The museum organises a number of activities for schools, such as specially adapted educational tours and hands-on workshops.

>> Other visitors
Activities or tours can be organised for other specialised interest groups and visitors. Please contact the museum in advance.

>> Access
All parts of the museum can be reached by visitors in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

>> Parking
Easy parking for cars and coaches directly in front of the castle.

 Education and Activities for Visitors
Rosine Saint-Rems and Chantal François-Texier
Tel. (0) 555 03 77 77
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>>Further Information